Poems about Life-The Fight for Goodness

This poems about life story, speaks to the goodness all have. Goodness is in you and me, though selfishness and the world tend to suppress it. Keep the faith and unleash its power when your integrity is tested. It is hard to do what is good and just, but try we must.

to do right
when righteousness
befalls to darkness,
to worldly dogma
of a twisted reality, Continue reading

Poems about Love When Love Persists

This short love poem in the poems about love category talks of loving someone and it ending. If you love someone and he or she or you end it for reasons known or unknown, it is a feeling of great loss…as if someone close to you died. Know this, though hurtful now, the pain does not last forever.

When love persists
and the story concludes
it is a great tragedy
to have loved and lost, Continue reading